Tuesday, May 17, 2016

March 2016

 March, 7 2016

How's everyone doing in El mundo?
I hope you're all doing your best to have eyes that see.

This last week we were able to get back into contact with the families we had that we weren't able to get in touch with for a bit. The last week we had received a referral from a sister in the ward and we went back to see him and his wife on Wednesday. His name is Francisco and his wife is Gloria. After meeting him, we had left 3 Nephi 11 to read, and when we went back he had read it and his wife who we hadn't even met by then! They were way interested. Well I <3 you all and hope you are all conversing with the Lord frequently. 
Elder Rawson=)

Keeping warm w/gustavo torres

We went to a town called Montalvo today and up the canyon to a cool spot. Finally got me taste of the mountains!

Stayin hydrated
Mom's package finally arrived :)


March 14, 2016

 The best part of being a missionary is definitely calling people to repentance, or as it is more often said, inviting people to come unto Christ. I think the second sounds a little bit nicer. But there is such a joy that comes from the Spirit seeing people humble themselves and accept Christ in their lives. Change is hard but humility makes it possible.
When we have been asking the bishop and other members of the ward if there was a family that they were worried for, we were often referred to the Chacón family. So this week we were able to set an appointment with them for yesterday. The family isn't completely inactive but it had been a month or so that they had not been to church. We went by yesterday. I wasn't sure what to talk about but in the prayer I thought of talking about how to get a testimony of Jesus Christ. It ended up being one of the most spiritual visits in a while and I feel like this family can change a ton. The father said that it's time they get going back to church and they need the blessings in their life. Afterward, he asked for a blessing for his knee that has been swollen lately causing him pain. Even though they aren't investigators progressing towards baptism or even considered inactive, the joy of inviting others to come unto Christ is the same.
Love you all!
Elder Rawson=)

This is not okay with Mom :(  

March 21, 2016

When you go to the temple you can never have that bad of a week! Tuesday night we headed out to Guayaquil for the temple and a zone conference Wednesday. Tuesday night we stayed in the temple hotel and I definitely took advantage of that hot water! 
The conference was cool and President talked quite a bit about humility. Humility is critical in our salvation. We are all in the journey of ridding ourselves of pride little by little in our lives. It is also necessary to get rid of pride in order to have charity. I believe in order for a prideful person to have charity, he or she must go through a process of humility, faith, hope, humility, and then charity (as explained in Moroni 7). And he who is found with this love in the last day, it shall be well with him. I believe a prideful person can and must have faith in Christ to be humble, but it does first off require a certain amount of humility to start the process of becoming like our Savior. In order to have that portion of humility in us, Alma said we can either be humbled or we can choose to be humble. And blessed are those who choose to be humble. And from there we believe on Christ's name and exercise our faith to become more humble. And humility opens the door to charity, the pure love of Christ. :)

That's what's been on my mind lately. If anyone wants to write me sharing what they've learned or a scripture they have been ponderizing, I'd love it!

Also, it's Elder Howell's last Pday and goes home next week to Centerville. It's weird to think how all this really does end.. 
Well I love you all! chao,
 ¡nos vemos! ....... oh, y hermano, antes de irnos, ¿usted conoce a alguien que pudiera interesarse en nuestro mensaje? no? ... ok chao!

March 28, 2016

Hey everyone! It's been a slow Easter week but I learned a lot! The Vera-Troncoso family decided that they don't want to be baptized on the 9th of April but they agreed to work harder to be prepared the 16th!  We had transfers and now I am with Elder Raul Hernandez from Mexico City! He seems way nice and chill and I think we will have some good unity together. ......(there was just a huge bang right outside this internet cafe, and there are loading a truck with big tanks of gas so hopefully everything doesn't blow up...) But I love you all and hope you have a great week, enjoy conference and take notes.:)

Elder Rawson

Killed myself the other day doing the new workout President gave us the last zone conference!

Stake activity we did as missionaries on Friday. President came and spoke! It went great!

New comp