Sunday, October 18, 2015

Happy 20th Birthday Oct. 12 2015

Oct. 5, 2015

Hermana Bajaña, a RM that returned from Brazil gave me a Pregar meu Evangelho to help me with my portugues:)

trilingual:) ...well, not yet

Giving Birth-take 2
¡Buenas tardes con todos!

Last night Elder Melzer got the called he dreaded of transfers. After six months he said bye to the family he made here. He was a great companion and we grew a ton together! I'll miss him. But today when we got to Guayaquil they told me that I was going to be training again! I'm stoked! I've been wanting to get another shot at training to really focus on basing everything from mission work in Preach my Gospel. I probably won't be getting another Brazilian to help me more with my Portuguese but we will see Wednesday!

It has been a great week. Thursday we had a conference with Pres and it was great to get in the temple again and I'll be going back Wednesday with the greenies! I am so stoked for this week and these coming months! Conference was amazing and I learned a lot of things I needed to hear! It's amazing when God answers your questions directly! My first question was, How can I center my life completely on Christ. With the second talk it was answered very clearly and I changed "completely" to "perfectly". I think we all felt the Spirit testify to all of us that the 3 new men are true apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ.

This is His church, I know it and I will dedicate my all to build up His kingdom. That is the only way to receive the true and enduring happiness that comes from obeying His commandments and putting Him first always. 

Love you all! Read the Book of Mormon and I promise God will speak to you!
Elder Rawson=)

The Pinargote family at conference:) parents reactivated and daughter Veronica baptized last week!

Fabian, our new ward mission leader! por fin

The fun cake Junior made me! The kid's a natural baker!:)


OCTOBER 12, 2015

 Happy 20th Birthday today to my Happy Missionary                                   

Yeah so I think I've learned that you can't mention your birthday in Ecuador as a missionary. The whole world will give you cake. I can't even go a normal day fasting without declining 25 different refreshments from all the wonderful people. But it has for sure been a great day and I can't complain. I saw the patriarch from Panorama at the temple on Wednesday when we went with the new missionaries and he invited me over to his house for lunch which was not bad at all because his wife is an amazing cook!

The trainings we had with the new missionaries went great! The temple was fantastic like always. As we were waiting to enter the session I actually sat next to and met Elder Acarapi who was going to be my new "son". He is a genius. He speaks decent English and has a great testimony. Definitely knows why he is here. I'm super stoked for the companionship. Something that I have noticed about him is that when we pray together and I offer the prayers, that when I say "amen", he would wait like 3 seconds each time before repeating amen. At first I kind of smiled at it thinking it was funny how he did it but then I started to realize that he understood that prayer is sacred communication with God and I have started to apply the same habit of waiting a few seconds after each prayer instead of jumping up and getting busy. By doing so I have noticed a peace that comes and its really nice, so I invite all of you to get in the same habit of really listening to each prayer!

Yesterday the stake presidency changed because the stake president moved to my old ward of Panorama. So Elder Waddell from the 70 came and spoke. He spoke of 2 things which are most weighing on the minds of President Monson and the 12. They are, 1. that we need to seek out and rescue our fellow brethren who have fallen way from the church, or better, Go to the rescue. 2. Observance of the Sabbath Day. The  observance of the Sabbath has been a very big subject everywhere I have been throughout my mission. Go read Isaiah 58:13-14, say a prayer, and then think about what actions you personally have been doing on the Day of the Lord that may not be sending Him a good sign. Then, in prayer, make a covenant with Him and tell Him that you will do better to draw closer to Him. I promise your life will change if you do it!

I love you all and wish ya the best!

With the famous Lozano family last night

Meeting the fresh new comp! on Wednesday! He actually smiles a lot, just not much in pics! ha ha:)

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