Monday, December 29, 2014

HOT ELECTRIC SHOWER, Chontacuro worms for dinner, Baptism by Spiderman aka Elder Rawson (Week of Dec. 8th and !5th)

Why does this look super scary and dangerous to me??? YIKES!!!!

Dec. 15, 2014 

So I´m feeling pretty fancy and spoiled right now because we got an electric shower put in and now I take showers with hot water:) (Lo siento a todos mis amigos que están bañándose en agua fría todavía) but this would have helped me a ton when I first got here cuz the showers were terrible!! 

Anyways so this week we finally got to start teaching Edison. He's an awesome guy and is super humble. When he prays with us, he asks God to help him with his life because it is a disaster. I don´t know everything that is going on but he is married with a family but they all live somewhere else and he lives alone and we see him drinking a lot. He has been trying to stop drinking and really wants to reach out for God´s help in his life. I'm excited to teach him but he didn´t make it to church this Sunday even after we tried hard to get him there.

All I can say is DISGUSTING...YUCK!  I won't torture you all with the video!  He did tell me (his Mom) that he and his companion had the runs for several days after this episode!  Eww...I hope he learned his lesson!

So yeah in the title i wrote, (chontacuro) which is a giant worm type thing from down here. A member had some for us to try because Elder Cook asked for some. We went over and I wasn't going to do it at first but then I thought it would make for a funny video to look back on someday so I did it...... Sorry mom, im nuts! Then after the member looked up videos of everybody else eating them and in all the videos they actually cooked them! but oh well, im still alive so thats good! 
 And yesterday one of the kids of the ward got baptized and he asked me to baptize him. I felt bad because Im sure his dad might have wanted to but I guess the kid jsut wanted to get baptized by spider man, Haha! Then this week junior is getting baptized and he is going to be an awesome member. He is already way active in the elders quorum. 

The mission is great. Love you all and Feliz Navidad!!
Spiderman (AKA) Elder Rawson workin hard

Dec. 8, 2014

Hey y'all
So this week Elder Useda the area president came to our mission to do some conferences in Guayaquil. The first was with the ward council of like 8 different stakes so there was a ton of people there! The topic was pretty much on how we need to focus on strengthening the wards before we can go out baptizing. Just like in our ward, Elder Cook and I have been working our butts off with the finding, teaching and baptizing and have been doing well for how hard of an area this is. But it hasn't had to big of an impact on our attendance so we are going to be searching out the less actives and get them to church. 

The next day we had another conference with just us missionaries with Elder Useda and man that guy is powerful! He is from Peru and he pretty much "macheteó" (corrected with sharpness) to all the Latino Elders that don't want to learn English and how God chose English to be the language of the restoration. So looks like if I ever get a Latino comp, he wont be hearing too much Spanish from me while we are in the house:) Even though I should work on it as well! 

But the work is going great! Love seeing the change in the people I´ve taught as they have accepted the gospel into their lives!

I think by that smile, he likes receiving mail!

                                                                                                            So I just wanted to send out how grateful I am for how much God as blessed my family at home! I must say it´s kind of freaky that I could have lost my sister but thanks to God´s hands she is alright! Thanks for the prayers of you that have offered! Please keep them coming especially for the other girls in the car because apparently Bay was one of the better ones off! 

Well at least he saved one of the 3 presents I sent him to open on Christmas!

                                     Elder Rawson

Hey he actually put up his Christmas tree I made and sent him!

Coke and Pizza (Just like home)

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