Monday, December 1, 2014

Five Months Out

Looks like these shoes are getting a good workout!  I'm sure they have walked many many miles so far, and many more to go!!!

It looks like he has now received all 3 of my packages before Christmas and with no problems...YEAH!!!  He said he's saved at least one to open on Christmas!!!

I think he's happy that his Costco dried mangoes have arrived!!!


So fantastic week this week. We were able to go to Guayaquil and go through the temple again on Wednesday!  My 3rd time here in Ecuador, (I´m lucky) and it was good because I could actually understand everything this time!  Ha ha.  But ya mom, I got my other packages!  DRIED MANGOES, oh man they are soo tasty!  December is also the time when the mangoes here turn orange and not green, and are super duper sweet and juicy!  I don't know if I have had a real fresh mango before the mish.   I do love them because there are mango trees everywhere here and we can just pick them off the trees as we walk around:)

 We now have finished baptizing the family of Veronica, with the baptism of her sister Melany last Saturday.  She asked me to baptize her and it was so cool because She has changed so much!  It takes a lot to change churches like that especially when it was such a big part of her life before! 

But all is well here in Ecuador and it gets better each and everyday!  To all the fellow missionaries or soon to be missionaries, obedience = happiness. (If you have Spanish scriptures, busque gozo en la GEE) y también Juan 8:29 (el patriarca en mi barrio me mostró esta escritura a noche:) 

Love you all!!! chao! 
Élder Rawson:)
Laundry Day

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