Thursday, February 5, 2015

The jungle!!!!

So made the ride out here to Quevedo and I figured out that Ecuador is pretty!! It´s super green. I´m in the city of Quevedo but my sector is on the very outside of the city and the jungle is like 200 feet away! I love it here. I´m lucky that i got sent to a sweet ward with awesome members so I don't miss all of my other friends back in Panorama so much. It was almost like leaving home all over again! But I can already tell that I will love it here as well!

My comp is Elder Tanner Mcminn from Layton Utah! He´s a hard worker and has an awesome testimony. He´s a pretty fresh elder as he just barely finished his first 12 weeks out in the field with his trainer. He´s got a pretty hard accent so he´s not too easily understood by the members, i even had some trouble at first, but we´ll get working on that. 

My sector that i work in is pretty confusing and I´m still trying to figure my way around but hopefully I can get it down! 

Oh and for a cool story this week. Elder Mcminn and I were walking down the street one day when a family called us over to there house. The older lady that was there was wearing sunglasses and the other ladies told us that she had been without her sight for 17 years! and the day before she had barely had the operation done to regain her sight. It was so awesome to see and be the first missionaries that she could see! she was actually the one who first saw us! which is cool how she recognized us so quickly! She also bore her testimony in church and it was really powerful!

The jungle!!!!
A moth that got in our house one day and we saw it when we returned that night!

Waiting in the office before heading out to Quevedo

Bus ride, chillin!

Me and the comp!

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