Monday, February 23, 2015

Really Growing to Love this Place!!!

The baptism of Carlos Francos, the Zone leaders were teaching him. This man is CHOSEN. He helped us teach less actives before he got baptized because he got his testimony so fast. This man is a huge example to all! He lost his legs a while back in a truck accident where he was ejected and stayed in the hospital for 9 months after! 

Feb. 23, 2014

Barely Surviving the Rice

Yup that's right.. The rice is killing me slowly, my health at least. But my companion on the other hand is still loving it!

So Elder McMinn is back up and running and we have been doing some great work! 
This weekend was stake conference and President Riggins came and spoke again like in my last sector. He is super famous here. Just cuz he is so funny and powerful as he speaks. But there was sooooo many people at this conference so there were like 2 extra rooms filled to the max where they watched on TV and me and my comp stayed in a back room with two other missionaries and the assistants and just listened from the speakers because there wasn't anywhere else to go! 

We finally helped an investigator Dora make the decision to go with us and now after nearly 4 months of investigating she feels comfortable to go to church with her husband, who is a member. She said she felt the spirit really strong at the conference and wants to keep going!

As for the rest of the district, they are all doing really well also. The sisters are champs and I love taking their reports cuz they do work. The ZLs are still doing fantastic, but there is one companionship that's kind of hurting because one companion has been struggling on his obedience. So we are going to be doing some exchanges and I'm going to go work with him in his sector for a day. Hes a great teacher and has a ton of knowledge but without the spirit that comes from obedience and love for the work, they will always struggle to be productive.

Missions are great and anybody that can should go! Love you all and peace out!
John 15:10

Elder Rawson:):):)

The FISH!! at El Parque Bocachico

 Some house that never got finished, but good for a quick pic!

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