Tuesday, August 26, 2014

AUGUST 26 2014 Hola Amigos!

Chicken, Rice and Beans daily for the next two years!!  


Hola Amigos
I just want to let everyone know that I am already fluent and can talk perfectly in Spanish! .... Jk, not even close. I'm pretty much just some tall white guy that looks like spiderman and eats all of the members food. I always feel bad when they try to talk to me because I never know what they are saying so I pretty much just sit there and nod and smile. I think for the most part I can sell it pretty well.But me and Elder cook are both very new to this area called Duran that we are assigned to. So we didn't really start off with much so we are trying to get investigators and get things going. We have a lady that just moved in from Guayaquil and had a baptismal date there so we are going to baptize her this Saturday which will be pretty cool! But what I have kind of noticed here is either people want nothing to do with the missionaries. Or they are very welcome and accept us very easily. We have a baptismal date from another kid named Herman and it almost seems like he will do anything we ask. Its great he agreed to be baptized but I really wish that I could see the big change in him and so he can realize how huge and important this step is in his life. But we still have time to get to know him better. His family is very Catholic and I don't think they support him at all and might give him a hard time. We will do what we can though.So I really don't have to much time each week for emailing but I still love to get updated about what is going on. I will try to email everyone back after all my family and those emails. And I left some people out on my last email so go ahead and check out my blog and there will probably be pics too.The mission is great but Id like to remind everyone to keep me and all the other missionaries you know in your prayers because it is definitely a tough time sometimes!  I love you all so much and miss you all! A LOT! But this is where I need to be!:)
Mucho amor, Elder Rawson 

Hey mother!
 I'm doing well down here. the food is good, and the members are great! they love to feed the missionaries. the people in this area are pretty civilized, i kind of think of this area like the draper of Guayaquil. its a very safe place apparently and the people are nice. The heat isn't too bad. its hot but bearable. I guess its December and January that are the hottest months. that's also when it rains like crazy too. this place is super gross though. I will have to take some pics of all the garbage and stuff that is EVERYWHERE. I swear, you have bad manners if you throw stuff in a garbage can here. But That's crazy that Baylee already started school again! and that Matt Larsen already left and Garrett leaves next week! that's insane. but you don't have to worry about me getting hurt. I am safe here and I will make it home safe. The thing that i am having the hardest time with is definitely the language. they talk sooo different here and the way they say things is so weird.  i can pay attention as long as they are talking about churchy stuff though. but It kind of stinks because i cant really talk to people, i often feel kind of alone and like no body really knows me. i really just sit there and try my best to understand people and smile. but i know that there are 85 thousand other kids going through the exact same stuff that i am going through. but for the most part I'm pretty happy. i love playing with the kids here and the food is for the most part pretty good! i haven't really eaten anything to gross or messed up yet. but maybe i will after i get transferred. I'm safe though so don't worry about that! My comp is Elder Cook and he is from Woods Cross and been out since the middle of January. He is cool. he isn't that much better at Spanish but he can understand pretty much everything and talks faster. but i know quite a bit but i just cant understand and talk super fast yet. i kinda wish i did have a native companion at times. but he is a pretty cool guy. i just don't feel like my Spanish is going to get that much better because i is super easy to understand and how he talks compared to the people are completely different!. i wish we could bond more than we have been though. we try to talk in Spanish a lot so its hard to joke and have fun sometimes. but i like him. i get impatient in the mornings sometimes. mornings are when i have a hard time and in a bad mood at times. but after we get out of the house i enjoy myself a lot more. but its good.  i wish i could read all of the letters and emails from all the other missionaries but i don't have time. i mainly just looks at pics and scan over stuff. but it was funny to see Elder Measom in Drakes email! i see that kid quite a bit because he is in my zone!
When i see yours and dads pictures of all your trips i get soo jealous. when i come back from my mission, i just want to go up to the mountains and stay there for a while. because i miss the mountains and i miss fresh clean air! but we are getting off and thanks for talking to me! I love you!!!!!!!!!! and miss you!!!
Elder Rawson:):):):):):)

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