Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Few more MTC pics and First Week in Wonderful/Stinky Ecuador

Elder Kramer Morton in the MTC
I'm guessing the boys are admiring

their muscles at the MTC before they

lose them over the next two



 A few more pictures from the MTC
 before leaving to Ecuador.

A room full of pillows and Missionaries looks like TROUBLE/FUN!!!
 Ha Ha Ha :) :) :)

July 18, 2014
Hola from wonderful/stinky Ecuador! This has no doubt been one of the craziest, strangest, most confusing, hardest, funnest, and most unexplainable weeks of my life! The people here are crazy! I swear there is no traffic laws here! The bus drivers drive funner then Taylor with his STI! The taxi drivers have amazing reflexes too! Ive been making a list of things to say so i didn't forget because so much crazy stuff has been happening!
The comida here is pretty dang good! the members love to feed the missionaries. The elders all say that they have gotten fat instead of skinny while here which i sure hope doesn't happen to me! One time we were eating at the familia Avilas house and the mom has a baby. and just while we were talking, with no shame she just whipped her boobie right out and started feeding he baby. But of course I never looked. Apparently that should happen a lot here this next 22 months... Yippee.

 I have already been to 2 different baptisms, one for another companion ship then one for ours! I was in a trio but then Elder Barrett left yesterday. He was a very good guy and pretty sad to leave. both the baptisms were through a young man named antony. His best friend Luis and his sister maoly. it was pretty cool to see elder barrett baptize his last convert and to see antony baptize his sister.
Yesterday was extremely sad to watch Elder Barrett say goodbye to the ward he has been with for 4 months. He had no clue how much he meant to them. We took a huge picture with them and they all said at one time, Gracias Elder Barrett!! I had to try so hard to stop from crying. especially when i looked over at his eyes while he was giving them all hugs. He looked pretty scared when we dropped him off at the mission house last night. I have wondered if I will be like that when my time is up. He said the time flew by for him these last two years. I seriously love the people down here and I feel really bad when they try to talk to me and its hard for me to understand them. I absolutely love playing with the kids!! they are so funny. I will have to get a pic with the kids in this ward because they are the best!
Everybody here calls me Spiderman! They all think I look like the new spiderman guy! so its fun when i always pretend to shoot webs at the kids. They are very fun to play with. Cant wait til I can actually understand them. I can pretty much say whatever i need to say but they talk so fast and weird here that i don't know what they are saying! I just keep praying for help for when I will need it! Last Friday we were in a meeting with the ward missionary and his sister. I could hardly understand anything because elder barrett had a crazy accent and was native to Spanish. So I pretty much remained quiet. I could tell they were talking about me sometimes though. Then at the end the ward mission leader asked his sister to give the prayer and she said, ¿yo? yo no entiendo español... then laughed and said the prayer. Then yesterday at church i went up to her and said, ...yo entiendo español.. her eyes just got big and she got an awkward look on her face and walked away. it was pretty funny:)
Something that has been weird to me is that Robin Williams is dead!! i saw it on the TV at the airport. its so sad how he went. It just goes to show you that you can be loved by a million people but if you don't realize the love that god has for you then you can still feel alone. I think everybody should go look at the new Mormon message on lds.org. it was well done and it really applies to people outside of the church with a different perspective. and how a man went from the lowest point in his life to joining the church and finding that there is no other way where we can find more happiness than the joy that comes from Christ.
One last little story.. So there are dogs EVERYWHERE here. just all over the streets and all the good stuff. Sometimes they will keep barking at us while we are walking by, then elder barrett would give them a really angry look and start walking towards them and they would hurry and run away. it was hilarious when he would do it. so one time i tried doing it to a dog on the other side of some fence that was barking at us. I tried to give it a scary look then it ran closer to us on the other side of the fence still and started barking even louder. and i kid you not, i almost peed my pants because when i looked into the eyes of that dog, i saw Satan.. the freakiest thing i have seen here yet. So looks like I have to work on my scary face!!
But I love you all. I miss you all so much. I will try to keep the stories coming now that I'm in the craziest place on earth!!
<3- Elder Spiderman (Rawson) :):):)



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