Tuesday, August 5, 2014

One more week in Provo MTC then off to Ecuador!!!

        His visa and Ecuador flight schedule have arrived and I don't think his smile could be any                                                                           bigger!!! 

 I'm not sure but I wonder if this companion of his might be glad he will soon be rid of Elder Rawson (the prankster) after seeing this picture and reading his letter today!

 I like the relax/study time!

Hopefully Dillon has been enjoying some cooler Utah weather before heading to the very HOT and HUMID Ecuador next week!

                                                                      Week #5

Aug. 5th, 2014

 I got my travel plans!!!! My visa must have came because I arrive in Guayaquil, Ecuador next Tuesday at 7pm, which is 6pm in Utah so not a big difference. I have officially completed one month of my mission and I only got 23 more left to enjoy this once in a lifetime chance. It has been a great week. I wish I had a bunch of cool stories and experiences but if you have been through one day at the mtc then you have seen them all! Something that never gets old here is the wonderful spirit that is felt and the great lessons that we learn.

My main bro TROOKS came last week on Wednesday, still lookin as sexy as ever. Its been tough at times to not be able to just be with him the whole time but we have had our time to catch up and talk. I know with out a doubt that he will be an amazing missionary, simply because he already is. He came in and one thing I noticed about him was that he came ready to work. I know the lord blesses is servants that are willing to give it their all for the growing of his church. Here's a big shout out to Rooks if he takes the time to read this, love you man! and also to my mom and dad, I love them too:)\

So this week, me, Elder Morrill, elder smith and Elder Groen all thought that it would be funny to pull a little joke on Elder Fowers. He is from Georgia and has a big confederate flag hanging in our apartment. They do cleaning checks on our apartments to make sure we keep our living spaces clean and leave a write-up. So one day, Elder Smith and Elder Groen left gym time a little early and went into our apartment and hid Elder Fower's confederate flag. They left him a very official looking note that stated that that flag was against our church standings and that he wasn't supposed to have it with him on his mission. They also said that the matter would get up to the mission president Nally. When we returned form gym, Elder Fowers was not in the very best mood. This would have been the second time that President Nally would have discussed Elder Fower's misbehavior. (He also got in trouble for having a backpack in the cafeteria then he wrote a mean complaint in the suggestion box about the matter) Elder Fowers was very mad and wanted to go show his feelings to the people that took his flag. It was pretty amusing to listen to him tell all the other missionaries about it at meals and stuff. When we finally revealed that is was a prank, It was very funny. He didn't know if he should be really mad and angry or really relieved. 

I have learned a lot of lessons out here and something I have kind of thought about is if God wants you to do something and expects you to, then why wouldn't you? Now obviously pulling pranks on your companions and stealing their stuff isn't a great example so I do have some improving to do. But when it all comes down to it, whatever we want to do and whatever seems "important" in our eyes can be completely pointless from an eternal perspective. My whole district and I one night had a big conversation where we all shared different experiences of where we shared our testimonies or maybe we didn't take an opportunity to. The big thing that I took away from that is that you will never regret sharing the gospel with somebody else or even baring a little testimony. But you will regret not taking an opportunity for whatever reason, whether you are scared you might offend someone or you think somebody might judge you. You will think back on those moments and realize that you could have done a lot of good. You have no idea how important your words can be to somebody. 

So I would like to leave a little commitment with all of my loved ones reading this at home. This next week, you WILL have a chance to share your testimony or tell somebody what they need to hear. Please keep an eye out and listen for that gentle nudge from the spirit when there is someone that needs to hear something that you can tell them. There is nothing better then when people come up to me and tell me that I said or did something that allowed them to feel the spirit, that is definitely the greatest thing I can hear. 

I also want to say something if there is anybody who reads this that is having a hard time and they have some questions that they need answered. I promise that God will answer any prayer if you are willing to put in the effort and show Him that it is important to you. I also testify from personal experience that when God answers our prayers. He lets us know. Whenever I have experienced personal revelation, it is not in a way where it is some little way. When I receive personal revelation, it can be through little things like scriptures or something someone tells me, but it is the great spirit that warms my body that tells me that I have just received an answer to my prayer. So I would like to invite everybody to, whenever you have a question or need to know that you have somebody who loves you, hit the knees and sincerely ask God what it is that you need. I promise He will answer you because He has answered me when I have needed Him.

I love all of you and the next time you will receive a big letter like this one from me, it will come all the way from Ecuador!:) I love all of you and I want everyone to know that you have all had an impact on my life and helped me to get to this amazing time in my life. Make sure you all keep me updated.

Con amor
-Elder Rawson


So excited to see his buddy       
     Elder Taylor Rooks!

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