Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Week of Oct. 6, 2014

Spider-man to Superman

It looks like he's teaching the children very well over there,


or maybe his goofball personality is just rubbing off on them!!!!

Hola mi familia y amigos! 

I am getting on late today because we went to Guayaquil and went up to this big light house on the top. Got some pretty sick pics and videos, Don't know if I can attach them to emails. For some reason my email wont let me because they are too big? 
But I am definitely loving my mission. The advice I received from some other missionary at the mall right after I got here was correct! "Don´t worry, it gets better"

Yeah well nothing too much has happened this week. One day some members took us over to see another area that is part of our ward and it is so big! we talked to a few people over there and they are really nice. Apparently they just opened this place because no body knows the missionaries! We are going to spend some time over there! The place is cool and I feel like I'm in Africa over there. There's just a ton of bamboo shacks and lots of black people, Its awesome!

But for investigators we only have two kids Jeremias and Kevin. We want to teach their families but neither one wants to talk to us. They both are getting baptized the 25th but the family is always better. I'm in a tough area but we are going to keep searching for those people that are ready for the good word! 

My zone leader told me that I am going to be training next transfer which I think will be fun if it works out! I just hope they keep me here because I love the people here and I still feel like there is a lot of work to get done here!

I hope everyone watched conference cuz I did and it was my favorite yet! All the gringo missionaries in my zone watched it in English in a separate room:) so that was nice, except the Spanish talks, I went and watched with everyone else!

But I love you all!!!!!
-Elder Rawson:)

These dogs were nice, but I almost got destroyed by one the other day though. It was injured so I tried messing with it by pretending to pick up a rock and usually they run away, but it came after me! I started to run which is the worst thing to do and it ran faster so I stopped and got a huge rock and it ran away. It freaked me out though! Not messing with anymore dogs!

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