Monday, September 29, 2014

Well hello again my family and loved ones

Well hello again my family and loved ones. I sure hope everything is going swell. from last I´ve heard of home is the same old home so maybe I'm not missing out on too much. I feel like I can´t think of anything funny or interesting to say but I really just think I'm getting accustomed to how crazy Ecuador is. I will start keeping track of funny stories and crazy things that happen to me to spice up my emails a little bit from now on. 

But as for
missionary work, since I am in one of the hardest areas in the mission, we only really have one family that is really progressing and really interested. Its so hard to get families because there is always that one person in the family that has to talk bad to the rest of the family how they have their own religion and don´t need us. It gets frustrating sometimes. or only one person in the family wants to listen so we have to teach outside their house because the rest of the family is there. Its tough, but as for this family, its a family of one mother named veronica and her 4 girls. they are way cool except one daughter is apparently training to be a teacher in the iglesia evangelica.. So hopefully she will change her mind when her mom and sisters are baptized!
We had fast Sunday yesterday, which I love because I get to hear the testimonies of soo many wonderful people. Its really cool because although there are about 1/4 the people in the church here as there are back home, there is never a time when someone is not sharing their testimony and sacrament always goes over like 15 minutes every fast Sunday because people keep walking up. The people down here have the strongest testimonies and love this gospel so much. I love the members, Now all I got to do is make more of them!
I´m going to leave one of my favorite scriptures with you all this week, its simple, everyone knows it but its powerful.
1 nephi 3:7
I know The lord will always provide away for you to accomplish the things He asks if you are willing to give up your will for His. I also know his way His the best way and He wants to bless you more then you can think.    

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