Saturday, March 21, 2015

March 16, 2015

Another super awesome week out here! Elder McMinn and I have been doing work and dealing with a bit of stress for how much effort we have been putting in without seeing all the results lately. But this week things have been improving pretty well! 

On Wednesday, our day of finding, we did an exchange with the ZLs and Elder Alguera and I went to a family with the dad that is little less active. And because I'm assigned as his partner to do his home teaching visits with him. Afterward Elder Alguera asked me as we left the house if we had talked to the house on the other side of the road and I told him no so we went and knocked on the door. Well the guy came to the window and lets just say that with less than 10 words we were inside teaching him. We taught him about the book of Mormon and when Christ came to visit the Americas. When we had him read the scripture in 3 Nephi when God presents Christ to the Nefites the spirit filled the room and after the lesson we both talked about how we noticed that exact moment! We haven't been able to teach him too much more because he has been traveling a bit but this week we will because he is gold! 

Also one day my companion and I were with a little bit of time so we decided to walk down a street that we hadn't visited too much. As we passed by one house made of wood and pretty poor, I glanced over and saw a lady working on something, I had the thought to say something, but I continued to walk... Then after about 3 seconds I stopped Elder McMinn and told him we should contact the house. We said hi to her and she was super nice and told us to come back in a few days to find her husband. So we went back when she told us and found Germania´s husband, Juan! He was so happy to see us and a little without words, tears filled his eyes and told us that he would love to have us return so he can make things right with god again. turns out he has been inactive for years.
So here´s the kicker, last night we went and visited them after church with our ward mission leader. Juan couldn't make it for work so we just taught his wife about prophets. In the lesson she began telling us how earlier on she had been attending "La RestauraciĆ³n" church near their house. She and her husband began talking about how the wanted to be involved in the same church, Juan told her that he was already baptized in the Mormon church, so they both agreed to get involved with the church and wanted to find a way to do it! Then I asked her when that whole conversation happened and she said about a month ago! 
And just 2 weeks later the big white handsome guys in ties came up to talk to her, as she told her husband!

I'm so glad I have the opportunity to be an instrument in the hands of the lord and wish I could share everything that happens but the time is limited and obedience is necessary!

I know that God lives and that this is the only church on the face of the Earth that is led by His son, Jesus Christ. Read the book of Mormon and pray about it to know for yourself! Its that easy!

Elder Rawson:)

(had a problem with the SD card this week so no cool pics, more coming next week though!)

                    But here's on with my boy elder rooks in the MTC!

March 9, 2015


   So not gonna lie, the last week was a little rough and the work was a little slow! Ive studied a lot about the "missionary of success" earlier on in my mission and understand that people have their own agency and will and we cant make anybody join the church if they aren't personally searching themselves. But some things on my mind, was that I didn't feel I was living up to the full potentials and privileges that I could have been as a missionary. So I had been praying quite a bit to bring more people unto Christ and that I have the faith to work miracles in the lives of others. Well this week as definitely been so much better and I have been able to feel the Spirit working through me so much more! This week we found and started working with 3 new families and they are pilas! (like awesome, ..literally means batteries..) But we have been teaching some awesome lessons and I can totally see that these people need some miracles! I'm stoked to get working with them more and to see the changes that happen in their lives! One is a couple named Javier and Diana which is funny because I was teaching a Javier and his wife Diana in Panorama before I left! They couldn't get to church this week and Javier is leaving this weak to work on the farm so he wont be back until Sunday when we have another appointment! They are actually married! (a miracle) and are in need of Christ and Hope in their lives. They have some time together and I asked them if they had kids and Javier told me no and they are still waiting because they haven't been able to yet for some problems with his wife. I couldn't imagine how hard that would be! They seemed so sad on the topic and we are so ready to help them out!

DA Zone


Da District

Wilber, Da biggest pig you will ever see

Super Dirty after service one day, digging and moving life 3 tons of dirt! (super white legs) :)

March 2, 2015

¡Hola Mundo! 

Another grand week here in the Land Bountiful! Ecuador has to be it for all the crazy stuff that grows out of the ground here! Everything with the work is still good. We are going to have to change some of the things we are doing to be able to bring more people to Christ because we have been working with a lot of the same families for a while but are having a hard time progressing (marriage) so we will be sorting the priorities this week to find some more people. Two other Elders in the district haven´t been doing to well together so we did an exchange and so I could see how the sector is. From what I could see is that there is a lot of potential and they should be getting a lot of people to work with soon! 

Yesterday I did my first baptismal interviews for a family that the sisters have been teaching. The first was the little 11 year old daughter then later on that night I interviewed the dad, Manuel Collantes. It was super spiritual! I loved talking to him about how he has gotten his testimony and the changes that have been happening in the family as they have been getting involved with the church. He was telling me there was no doubt in his mind of the truthfulness of the church and how he would obey whatever law the church (God) makes because of the answers he had received! He loved talking so the interview was a little long but it was a good experience!

Funny weird moment from yesterday. Me and my companion were making our way to a less active´s house when we saw a big family sitting out talking out front of their house. The two men were on the side drinking. But we contacted them and they were really cool people. They allowed us to share a message with them so we talked a bit about the family proclamation. During the lesson I realized the guy drinking was pouring the beer from his cup into his eyeball. It was super weird and not sure that that is normal.... Haha!

My comp and I went over by the jungle this morning:) Tan genial!

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