Sunday, April 26, 2015

I have learned many things here in Ecuador, one being that pigs smell TERRIBLY!!!


March 30, 2015

The mission only gets better:)
 We started off this week after Pday last Monday hopping on a bus down to Guayaquil to a zone conference and a temple trip with the Pres. The bus rides are great because they are so pretty! This really has to be the land bountiful I swear! They also play movies which we cant watch so we have to avoid getting sucked into the temptation! The temple was a great experience! We slept into the hotel the night before which meant hot shower just like in the US! 
I seriously love the temple though! That session was by far the most spiritual I have been through! I seriously felt and understood the fruits of the atonement of Jesus Christ. I´m so Grateful for my savior and the great things that we can gain from his sacrifice, which such things are still way beyond our comprehension! #GraciasAQue√ČlVive #BecauseHeLives (watch the vid) 
I also got to see Brother Jaramillo there from my last ward and he said all is still going well!

Reminiscing on the bus:) 

                    People cooking a pig outside of the church :)

No rice on this plate :)

One of our investigators, Nanyy, was able to get baptized as well because she separated from her boyfriend! Elder McMinn baptized her and I confirmed her a member the next day in church which was our ward conference so there was a ton of people! But it was such a cool experience! I could literally feel the spirit flow through me as I was confirming her! Good experience:) 

The work is great! I love finding these people so ready to accept the gospel! The mission is awesome from helping old drunk guys get up and walking as they cry to bringing people that I grow to love come unto Christ and experience the same blessings I have seen from this gospel in my life!

Stuff to read if you want to come closer to Christ:)

and the rest of the church magazine for the month of April!
Love you all!
Elder Rawson!

A piece of heaven on earth

March 23, 2015

Hey people.

There goes another week in the books. The mission is still awesome. This week we have been working a lot with the Tuvay family still who the dad is an inactive member. They are still doing really well and are following up on their prayers and scripture readings! It was a bummer because Juan got caught up in a job thing yesterday morning and couldn't make it to church. 
This week we also met the nicest lady named Blanca Rosario that lives in a part of our sector that we have never been to before! She was a reference from one of her neighbors that we talked to a little. We walked up the street and in about 10 seconds she let us in her house and within a minute we were already laughing. She had talked to the missionaries before when she went to Spain so is a little familiar with us. She has been having a rough time with her health and kidney and when we shared the Book of Mormon with her and a scripture from Alma saying how God will always be with us in our tribulations, she got all teared up and it was super sweet. She told us we will always be welcome there! She´s so cool and she has her son from the Galapagos and he always cooks us up good little snacks. She has been sick as well this week and had to travel yesterday so couldn´t make it to church either,but we will see. 
Yesterday we also finally got the interview done with an investigator named Nanjy that my comp has been teaching basically for his whole time here! she separated from her boyfriend so now qualifies for baptism! So she will be baptized this week! 

Today we also are leaving for Guayaquil because tomorrow we get to go through the temple with President again! I'm super stoked because since I'm far away we get to sleep in the hotel of the temple which means hot shower and nice stuff just like in the big US!:)

But still loving the mission I wish I could share all but I cant! I share the words of Mormon when he wrote that not even a hundreth of the things that happened have been written! 
I know this church is true and I know that Christ is my savior and have felt many times the fruits of his atonement that he carried out for me and for all of you! Not only is there a rainbow at the end of the storm but better harvesting, which means better economy, and that means many more things! Just look for the blessings in life and remember that no one has ever "seen" God without dealing with Satan first!

Elder Rawson:) <3

pretty sunset

Just being goofy Dillon!
Some fun things sent to Dillon from his Grandma Jackie after going through some of his late Grandpa Larry's mission boxes.

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