Monday, May 4, 2015

I'm definitely the most tired I have ever been, but weirdly the most happiest I have ever been!!!

APRIL 13, 2015

Outside the Tubay´s house...The first giant spider I've seen here, It's the size of my hand!

I'm definitely the most tired I have ever been, but weirdly the most happiest I have ever been!!!

The subject is true, and I still don´t understand it. I walk in the door every night at 9 completely drained and exhausted. Yet very satisfied and content. Yes I know I´m 10,000 miles away from home, I freeze every time I shower and melt everyday all day as I´m walking from house to house with sore legs and an empty stomach (unless it´s right after lunch then I have a hard time walking...rice.)  But just about everyday I get to see people coming a little more unto Christ and learn with them as they learn more about the wonderful plan that our Father has for every one of us. I get to learn to recognize the voice of the spirit and act upon those promptings as they come. A few things that carry me on.

Last night on our way home,  a man with his wife and son pulled up next to us and called us over. We began talking to him and he told us that 2 years ago he was listening to the missionaries but couldn´t progress because he didn´t have the time nor was he married. He told us that he has changed both those problems so he is ready to get back involved with the church and even be baptized! We are going over this Wednesday because he was out of town tomorrow! 

The work will go on! love ya all!
Elder Rawson:)

      Fine dining:)
The youth came out and did an activity with us
                  The Tubay family after a lesson, gettin married next                                                        month:)


APRIL 6, 2015



Hey people.
Another truly great week here in Quevedo. 
Conference was awesome! We were able to watch it again in English in another room:) yeah I'm learning Spanish and everything but theres no way a translator is able to match Elder Holland´s authority or could have shared the power in  Elder Cook´s testimony!
The main idea I pulled out was that casualty in spiritual matters does not create happiness nor the joy that comes from serving full heatedly with love towards the Savior and our Father. And that we need to never cease being amazed by pondering the great and amazing sacrifice of our Savior for us. I have come to know my Savior and understand His atonement more on my mission in this last month more than I ever have in my whole life. You can read and study all you want but the only way to truly learn more about the atonement is practicing faith and experiencing the fruits that come from it, which sweetness is truly above all other. Seek ye learning by study and also by faith.

This week one morning we went and visited our investigator Blanca and they were preparing lunch and gave us a little soup to eat called ceviche. (my favorite thing ever) Then we rejected more food because we needed to save room for the lunch that we already had scheduled. We excused ourselves after sharing the #becausehelives video to head to our lunch. And to our surprise they had SO much food for us, so much rice and beans, fish and patacones (Fried plantains). I finished my plate of rice and beans first and was pretty much dying. I knew I was not going to finish and if I did I would surely throw up! I have learned from my father to not waste food and I didn't want to offend! The ZLs were still there after finishing their food and were resting from the load. Elder Mendoza can eat a ton but I was scared to have him help me with my fish which was going to be the item that I would struggle the most with. I looked at him with a face of pain and humbly told him that I couldn't do it and I was reaching my max. Full of pain he got up from his rest and grabbed my second plate of fish to eat it himself. I knew he was already super exhausted for the food he had already ate. But was still ready and willing to help me. It was truly amazing to see him do which would have been impossible for a skinny boy like me to accomplish. After helping me, he turned to my companion who was struggling as well and said, "quit hurting yourself" grabbed his plate and finished the job. You guys have no idea the gratitude that I felt at the moment that he took that second plate of mine away!! It was a huge burden lifted right off from me because I knew that I was not nearly capable to do it myself. Very grateful to have a willing companion on the mission to do what I cant. He didn't need to help me, it was my food and not his responsibility.

Love you all! Always remember your Savior.
-Elder Rawson

Sunrise and the mountains that make me longful

The Tubay family!

Conference with the house

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