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Dec. 21, 2015

Hey everyone,

Ecuador still hasn't gotten any less crazy. 
On Saturday we had our ward Christmas party. At the last second, my comp and I were asked to sing in front of everyone, The First Noel. I don't know why but I only have my Michael Buble voice when we are at home getting ready for bed so it could have gone a little better. Wednesday we have our big mission dinner. Antonio Maridueña is excited for his baptism on Christmas. Julian didn't go to church again and Juan hasn't been very motivated with the stress lately. Its likely this is my last week because we finish the training with elder Acarapi this week.

I strongly invite each of you to please make a conscious effort to remember Christ in all you do this week. Look to serve others to show more appreciation for Him. We do owe Him everything. A while ago I was thinking how it would be to be with Christ during His final week and to be by His side to help support Him through such tough trials that he was put through. Then the thought came to me of Him looking at me and saying, "Dillon, if you want to help me, then go help someone else in need, ..feed my sheep. The best way of serving Christ is through acts of charity for our fellow men and Christmas is the best time to do so!
If you haven't already, visit and see the videos there. Share them on Facebook and spread the message! A Savior is born. I testify that it is true and that He lives.

Elder Rawson:)

Dec. 28, 2015

*..For like one year I have been sending my emails to the same big list and I don't know if half of you read them. So if you see this send me a little note saying that you got this. (Aw he's feeling a little forgotten I think)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone.
I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays, snow, and family time! We had a great week. Went to the temple Tuesday and had our Christmas program and dinner Wednesday. Spent a good Christmas. Antonio Maridueña was baptized and in his testimony after his baptism told everyone he wants to serve a mission! He's progressed a ton! We got the call last night And I got transferred. I am now in a place called Babahoyo in the Chopitea ward! Im with Elder Ascanta from Bogota, Colombia. He has about 4 months in the mission. Seems like a great guy and we will do great together! I always have felt like I would be sent out here. Babahoyo is kind of like Quevedo. It'll be nice do be out of the city again:)

Take advantage of the New Year to make the changes and set the goals to be more happy! After all, that is why we exist. Here they have a tradition where they make big, human-size doll figures. They put things they want to leave behind written on paper and put them inside the figures .... then they burn them! They also fill them with fireworks and stuff to make noise. Its crazy but based on a good concept.. 

Love you all!
Elder Rawson:)

The new comp at 4 guys:)

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