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Nov. 23, 2015

Hello everybody!
Great week. We've taught some great people, shed some great tears, and learned some more great things of Jesus Christ and His Gospel.
This week I've understood more that stress is a Spirit killer and keeps one from keeping charity in their heart. I had to admit that I've been holding a lot of stress deep down and has kept me from feeling the Spirit constantly and has affected my patience a bit. When I confessed it to myself and to God I then received the answer to the problem. I learned and noticed that I hadn´t been making a conscious effort to be in constant prayer or fasting as usually as I had been before. Earlier I was trying to do a fast at least once a week to keep myself more aligned with the Spirit but had stopped. We did a fast this week and I have tried to be in prayer more consistently and I have seen a big difference! Our investigator _______ didn't attend church and we still don't know why. When we went by his house before church his sister said he was showering to go but never showed up. We are sure it has to do with work because he has been worried about it and money lately .  Juan  and his wife attended and are excited for their baptism on Christmas if it comes out! Then the Chica Torres family also attended with us and are awesome!
Lovin the mish and thankful for the prayers! Happy Holidays and love you all!

Elder Rawson=)

Titanic with Elder Wahlen on the lighthouse today.

gettin loco in guayaquil

At church with the Chica Torres and the Tobar Bonilla families!!

Maybe the best fish Ive had so far out here with the Mero family!

"el candado de la muerte" -the lock of doom(death) which means they arent home..

Nov. 30, 2015

"A Savior is Born" (go to

So this last month of November my comp and I didn't have quite the results that we hoped for but things are looking a lot better for December! I'm still pretty amazed that I'm about to spend my second Christmas in Ecuador! I think I've been hearing that the snow will actually be falling this year up North, as will the rain down here once this storm called the Niño hits in late December. My companion, Elder Acarapi is a great guy and will probably be a patriarch. He's fresh to the mish but already knows the scriptures a ton. He's probably the most patient 18 year-old I've ever met! He also told me that before his mission he taught all the lessons to 3 of his friends and baptized them. the missionaries only needed to verify the things that he had taught them! He came prepared and it makes me wish I would have come more prepared to the mission! 

Julián, our tall investigator, texted us yesterday morning saying that the University called him saying he had to make up some time that he had missed before December so he couldn't go to church. He is still doing great though. This week we also found out that he has an addiction to a drug. He had stopped smoking and drinking ever since we have been teaching him but when we taught the Word of Wisdom, we found out there is something else he has been struggling with which is probably the reason he and his wife separated. But we fasted with him this week and gave him a blessing at the end of the fast. I felt the Spirit very strongly giving the blessing and it looks like he has been clean from the problem ever since! So we'll pray that he continues to free himself!

The mission is great and I love you all!
Elder Rawson=)

Eating at the chifa:)

Pics from the temple on Friday when we went with the ward!

The temple to me is clear evidence that this church is more that just an organization established to help people live better lives, but the very Kingdom of God on Earth in preparation for the second coming of Christ.

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