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Nov.02, 2015

     This church is the best:)

Great week. me and my comp have been working super hard and staying busy. We found some great people and taught great lessons doing so! We've also found a bunch of people that were really opposed to the church and expressed their feelings openly to us. Its sad because they don't know what they do... Someday though. The deeper and stronger your testimony gets, the harder it is to accept when people reject your message. 
Thursday we organized a little movie night to watch  Joseph Smith, the Prophet video at the church. Getting things ready was kind of stressful because the church didn't have cords we needed and things didn't seem to work. We were starting late and it looked like not  a lot of people were arriving. I told myself I was never going to try to put an activity together like that as a missionary again, but eventually it started. When the movie ended I looked back and a ton more people had arrived and like half the people were crying from the Spirit.  I guess I could do it again and just be more prepared next time! Its a holiday weekend down here and a lot of people were out of town and many people we met couldn't attend church because its like memorial day here. But we are going to continue to improve teaching people about the Sabbath and committing them to church for 3 HOURS. (I hate when they leave after the first hour...) 
But the mish is great! do it if you can!

Elder Rawson=)

Elder Measom found out about my Bday late but still wanted to celebrate:)

chicken foot soup

..Here's a few snaps from the zoo today:)

 Nov. 9, 2015

Whenever I see a "just do it" shirt, I contact them :)

First time eating Caldo de pata:) (cow foot soup)

So based on the mission so far I just want to start by supporting the prophet's words when he said ever young and able man should serve a mission,and with the lowering of the age for the sisters it's worth the consideration!

It was another great week. Many of the lessons that we taught this last week were very spiritual and we were able to share some great experiences with people! I have noticed that there is always a very special spirit present as we teach and talk about the atonement. I honestly don't understand how or even completely why the atonement was carried out, but I know it is true and that I can be saved because of it. 
 For the investigators and the work this week we visited Juan and his wife and had a great lesson about faith and they committed so strongly to go to church. But yesterday morning when we stopped to pick them up he had left a note on the door saying he was sorry for failing again but had an emergency with his mom's health. That really bummed me out and shook my faith a little but then we got over to a new investigators house named Julian , a big white man taller than me. We taught our first lesson Friday, he committed to church and when we got there Sunday morning at 9 he was already out front shining his shoes for church! He is great and we invited him to be baptized the 28th of this month after church! He accepted. Now it depends on us to do our part! We have met a lot of great people. Satan has kept them from going to church but we won't give up! The Church is true!

Elder Rawson:)

I smell trunky in the air!

Julian at church,He's taller than the gringo!!

Painting a member's house:)

Aprovechando la colada morada mientras está en intercambio con É Carranza:)

Nov. 16, 2015

Jaun came to church :) :)

I hope everyone is doing great and will be enjoying the holiday season coming up! Time is flying down here! Found out barely that the whole family went on a big cruise vacation.. Which is great and all but not quite like sharing the salvation with souls:) 
Yup the subject above is right! After like 5 weeks, Juan C and his wife made it to church! We only stopped by their house once this last week because they weren't going to church. Sunday we passed by the house at about 8 and he told us to return at 9:30 to go to church. We did and they were ready to go! His foot is still a little bad so we took taxi over to the church.  They stayed the whole time and were very attentive. Julián is still great too. He always keeps his commitments and went to church on his own yesterday. He even took his 2 little girls with him to church! The mission is nuts and I wish I could share everything that has happened but we'll see how well my memory is after the 2 añitos:) 
Les quiero a todos! cuidaos:) 

Elder Rawsoñ

 la familia Rivas Navarrete 

Juan  y Jennifer a la iglesia ayer! still wonder why latinos dont smile in pics..

My boy Jared galarraga got his passport to serve in Birmingham, England next month!

Goodbye barbeque for Elder Crisp from our zone that started here 2 years ago wih the Lozano family

The Face.... that the crazy drunk puts up in front of our house! (These are the things I mean when I say some things will have to wait after the mish..! haha:)

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