Thursday, July 31, 2014


WEEK #4 JULY 29, 2014 

Allrighty. So I am definitely getting into the swing of things here at the mtc. At first, it was hard to get my mind around the fact that this is my new life but now its hard to believe that I had the life that I had before this. One thing that has been tough for me is keeping my mind off of home. It is mainly the little things that I miss. I don't think it is just because of the fact that I am on a mission but just because life changed so much all of a sudden after graduation. It is inevitable but I am doing my best to kick those sad thoughts right out of my head to keep my mind where it should be. My companions have been giving me a bit of a hard time this week because I decided to do something that I have never done.... Yup.. I shaved my legs.. I left a pic in my drop box. I'm kinda nervous for what my family will do with it. I hope my dad isn't too disappointed in me, but I'm not gonna lie. It was pretty nice. And I would've never known how soft of legs I had! But just so you know the MTC is definitely not a joke! They always keep you doing something so you aren't slackin around. My district has a tough time focusing sometimes but maybe I should start getting them working better during study hours as the district leader. I haven't wanted to sound bossy or annoying so I am going to think of some ideas where I can help keep people busy but have them enjoy it. First I should probably work on getting busy myself because I am also pretty far from perfection myself. 

We have been going to the temple on our p days and those are the best few hours every time which is saying a lot! at the end of our session last week I was saying a prayer and asking some questions that have been on my mind for a while. I was not expecting an answer that fast but right when I closed my prayer elder smith (love that guy...oops I mean elder.) showed me a set a scriptures that he had just unintentionally flipped open to, he said they just really stood out to them so I gave them a look and they said the answers perfectly just as I need them. My testimony of the temple has been strengthened a ton. There is no other place like it. Being in there I just feel that nothing else matters in this world. The peace felt there is only better because I am constantly doing something every other time. But I have decided that I still have a lot of work to do until I will be able to be the best missionary that I know i can be. 

The advice that Taylor Praag my cousin gave me, that friendship is before companionship, has helped me a ton. I have found out that the more I learn about the missionaries around me and especially my companions the better we can work together. It makes sense because how can two people expect to get along and work well together when they aren't even friends yet? Something that has been hard for me with elder Fowers is he's not really the guy to talk and open up so its hard for me to get a connection with him. But nonetheless I have enjoyed my time here. I am sooooo excited right now because TRooks is coming to join me tomorrow out at west campus! I'm bummed because I guess I'm not getting any new elders in my zone or branch so that means he won't be with me but I will make sure to find the time so we will be able to catch up. But thanks still for everyone that has been emailing me and sending me the letters! they mean a lot! I love you all and keep doing the things that the Lord would want you to!! D&C 31

                                                                                            Elder Rawson<3

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