Monday, September 29, 2014

Sept. 22, 2014 This place called Guayaquil is bien chevere! (really cool:)

This place called Guayaquil is bien chevere! really cool:) and I am loving the mission. It definitely has its ups and downs but it gets better the more you learn to rely on the lord. They members here are probably what help get me by I love them so much. Every time I here them bare their testimonies I feel the spirit so strong its amazing to see how The Lord is working in the world today. Everybody here is so nice and friendly and it really breaks my heart seeing so many good people reject the true gospel of Jesus Christ. If only they knew what we truly were offering them. I have met so many good people and its going to break my heart when the day comes and I have to move on.
It seems like we always have more success when we work with members because walking around knocking on doors and getting appointments hasn't really been working because when we show up to appointments they never remember or just tell us how they are catholic. But I love the mish and I love the people.
For all the newer missionaries than me, always remember... IT GETS BETTER,  it truly does!! For everyone back home, I want to ask you to think of one person that maybe you haven't been getting along with and truly say a prayer and ask your father in heaven to help you to make the relationship stronger. My testimony of prayer has strengthened a ton and I know yours will to the more you talk to your Father in Heaven.
Elder Rawson

Love my happy Missionary!

Now I see why I don't get his weekly email until later in the day on his P-day!
I'm glad to see him getting to explore and have some fun!!

I think I'm not too worried about him starving by the looks of this!!! :)

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