Monday, September 29, 2014

Sept. 15, 2014

Hola familia y amigos!! Yo extraño a todos de ustedes!!! I miss all of you! Pero no voy a volver a la casa porque la mision es muy divertida! But I´m not going to come back home because the mission is too fun! (Please don´t judge me if i ever make mistakes in Spanish:))  
I am starting to get used to this whole mission life. We had two baptisms on Saturday! I baptized them both, Valeria and David! Valeria is the one with the baby and her and Nery finally got married on Tuesday so they were ready for baptism, finally after months and months!! As for David, he is 12 years old but is AMAZING! He has been sooo excited to join the church. He is probably one of the smartest kids I've ever met and probably already knows the lessons better than me just because he spends so much time studying. It was cool to see the biggest smile on his face as he walked down to the waters of baptism. Its sad because he lives with his mom but she doesn´t want much to do with the church. I keep telling David to be an example to his mom and he is doing well. He gets her to pray and study with him sometimes. But I´m learning a lot and Still have a lot to learn! Keep me in your prayers as well as the rest of the missionaries you know because they really do help! I don´t have that much time but I love each and everyone of you!
2 Nephi 4

Elder Rawson:)    

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