Monday, September 29, 2014

SEPT. 8TH 2014

This week has definitely been my fastest week yet! I can´t believe it is already Pday again! But I think I'm starting to get more accustomed to the Ecuadorian mission life! The Spanish is coming and my prayers have been answered because I can actually understand what people are talking about now! But has for missionary work, It is pretty hard down here because the people are sooo lazy. Everybody wants to here about Jesus but no body wants to go to church, read, pray or nothing. But we have two baptisms this week. One is this cool kid named David. He is 12 and is super interested in everything about the church. the other kids his age have had a huge impact on him on getting him to mutual and attending church. He lives with his mom is isn't really too interested in doing anything but she listens when we go teach David. Hopefully we can get her to crack. but I'm pretty sure she isn't doing very good stuff because we went over to her house thingy with the bishop when David was at mutual and she had a *friend over and he was over laying on the bed. and she wouldn't shake our hands..... ewe.  but that's the reason there are missionaries in the world! 
The other girl we are baptizing this week we have been spending a long time on and even the missionaries that were here before us because she has been living with this guy named Nery and he is a member but less active and they have a baby. We have been trying to get them married for a while but they haven't had the money for it so me and elder Cook put in some of our own personal money and the relief society president helped also. so they should be getting married today or tomorrow. then Valeria (the girl) should be ready for baptism! So that's cool. The bishop is pushing for us missionaries and the members to start working together. I think this is good because we will be a lot more successful and convenient because the members can drive us places too:) The walking has definitely gotten to me at times! 

But I love all you! Thanks for the prayers and keep them coming because they have definitely helped!

Elder Rawson:) <3

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