Tuesday, July 22, 2014

week #1

Hey everybody, so I just want everybody to know that I am doing good. There are so many missionaries here. I am over on the west campus where all of the Spanish speaking missionaries are doing their training. Basically everybody here is going to Argentina or they are going to a Spanish speaking state side mission. I have talked to two other missionaries going to Ecuador. One is going to the Guayaquil South and the other to the west. One has had major visa problems and he has been in the MTC for about 4 weeks longer than he was supposed to! I hope that isn't my case. Spanish can be the best or the worst thing. I am having some trouble with it but it still is only my 3rd day. My companions are Elder Fower and Elder Morrill. I am in a trio because of the last minute switch of MTC's. They are both going to Buenos Aires West. They are very nice dudes. We have our differences but nothing that can't be over looked.  The boys in my district played a pretty intense game of B ball yesterday. I did amazing and was making all my shots. So they think I am really good. Hopefully I keep it up so they respect me. It is still crazy to think that I will be gone for 2 years but I know once I get into the missionary routine, the time will go by a lot faster.

I saw Elder Teerlink on Wednesday! I had been looking for him the entire day and could not find him. I saw familier faces like Logan Harrison, Parker Anderson and Mack Richards. But I did not see Tyler until I was walking into my last meeting of the day. He told me that he is flying out on Monday to Mexico! I can't believe he is that fluent at Spanish already! I haven't seen him since then but I am determined to see him as much as I can before he leaves!

I talked to one of the counselors in my branch presidency about my visa problems, he said that Argentina is the country that is having the most problems with the visas and giving the church the most grief. He said ecuador has been ok and that my visa should come in time. He also told me that sometimes visas have come while the missionary was in the Provo MTC and they sent them down to the Mexico MTC when they arrived. But I have also heard the opposite and that I would just stay here. I will have to see what happens later on. I will write again on Tuesday because that is my P-day. I hope everything is going well at home, I'm sure not much as changed since Wednesday. And for anyone who wants to write me, please use dearelder.com. because you send an email then i get it in the form of a letter, which means I don't have to use up my computer time reading emails and I can get them every day of the week! And if you do that, please include your email for me to write you back. Anyways, talk to you soon!

                                                      -Elder Rawson

        Dillon and Tyler get to spend some time together and watch the 4th of July fireworks!

Dillon glad to run into Tyler his first day in the MTC,
Happy Missionaries!!

The last few hours with the family before heading to the Provo MTC

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