Tuesday, July 22, 2014


So this has been a very long week here in the MTC! I have felt the spirit, had some great laughs with the other elders, But I have also been very discouraged and felt pretty alone at times. Not that I want anybody to worry about me because there is nothing else that I would rather be doing! But it gets very hard sometimes because all of my lessons and almost everything I do is in spanish, I know this is for my own good but it does make is a little difficult to listen to the spirit when I am always trying to figure out what people are saying. But I am very surprised on How much my Spanish has improved! I have definitely forgotten a lot of things that i learned in my spanish classes in highschool. I really wish I was more prepared and studied preach my gospel and other sources of missionary work before I got here! It gets hard because it seems like they expect total and complete perfection. They are constantly throwing all this stuff at me that I need to read and memorize, But lately I have taken a few moments to focus on the things that I need to do to feel the spirit more often and what I need to do to strengthen my relationship with my father in heaven. My companions are elder morrill and elder fowers. elder morrill is a cowboy from american fork and played on the football and basketball teams there. elder fower is from georgia but attended a year at byu. he is a little older so he thinks that he has the responsibility to tell everyone what to do and what they are doing wrong. my patience has been tested at times where he has tried talking down on me. (even though I stand a whole head taller than him) But One of my teachers noticed I was having a tougher time and pulled me off to the side and she told me some things that I really needed to hear. But nonetheless, I love both of my companions. we have all grown together these past couple of days and every morning we enjoy a nice short, 15 minute run together. They are funny guys and I look forward to spending my time here in the mtc with them!

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