Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Heeeeeeyyyyyy errybody!! So just to let ya'll know, this whole mission thing so far is pretty cool. I'm having a lot of fun at the MTC. Last week our entire zone left to go out into the field, but then on wednesday we got two new districts and they are just a ton of really fun guys. I love being at the mtc and I have felt the spirit incredibly strong here but im not gonna lie I really just want to get out into the field. I know the mtc is for my own good and everything but i feel like most of the time i am just doing a lot of work without being able to see the effects. But the time has been flying by and its hard to believe that im already half way through the mtc! 

So for a funny story of this week. There was a day where I was sitting in the night class just staring at the clock waiting for the time to come where i could just go jump onto my bed and move on to the next day. my patience had been wearing thin and it just wasnt a very good day for me and one of my companions. anyways, the time came where i finally got to collapse on my mattress and close my eyes for the night, now my companion that sleeps right by me has a sleep talking problem. he fell asleep a little before me and began talking in his sleep, I was still a little irritated so i didnt really enjoy that. but then when it seemed like he was going to stop, me and elder morrill hear him say.. "Hermana Sprenz...." (One of the girls in our district) My eyes shot open! I had no idea where he was going with this.. I'll be honest I was a little worried.. and then he followed, "Hermana Sprenz gives out noogies to all the disobedient elders and hermanas....... i think i was bleeding last time..   even though i had been in a horrible mood for about 3 hours, at the time, I could not hold in my laughter and cracking up. me and elder morrill were probably laughing for a solid 10 minutes afterwards.  We told him along with everyone else what he said the next morning at breakfast and everybody loved it. It was exactly what i needed to end that day on a positive note. 

Pretty much every single day i have gone to bed with a smile on my face. All of the work and expectations were hard to take in at first but once I get used to it, i have really enjoyed being here at the mtc. I love the other missionaries here. we have had some incredible talks and devotionals. I've seen many familiar faces and seriously enjoyed it. sometimes i have to say that i do miss home and all of my family and friends. but i always remember if i wasnt on a mission i wouldnt be doing anything that productive anyways. and if i ever did choose to come home, my family would just be mad at me and none of my friends would be there any way! 

I have really been enjoying the letters from those of you that have sent them! Please tell everyone to send me an email so i have their emails if i didnt include them on here. and so far the dear elders that i have received have been so nice to read even if they are just updating me on the things going on at home!

-Love Elder Rawson

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