Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Whats up homies back home or on missions. if i left anybody out then please forward this to those that would want it! So I am loving the mtc! I think i came across wrong last week and made everybody think that i was having a hard time and wasnt enjoying it. it is definitely hard and will take some getting used to but it is worth it! There is also a lot of familiar faces here that i have seen from school! the mtc is a pretty crazy hectic place but it is nice when you get the chance to have studies and be able to focus on yourself and the spirit. I have been pretty sleep deprived lately because we never have any time to relax, even right now i am typing as fast as i can so i can fit as many people in as i can! so please excuse me if i have any typos cuz im sure i do. but even our pdays are pretty crazy because we have a lot to do and especially because today is tuesday and we have a devotional at 7. last week it was neil l anderson and he gave some great advice that i really needed to here. i am excited to hear from whoever is speaking tonight! hopefully another apostle or even the prophet wouldnt be too bad either! but we will have to just see. it is starting to seem like each day is getting better than the last which is always good. and i am always content with my day by the time bed time rolls around. i think the days get better as they go on because mornings after breakfast is almost impossible for me to keep my eyes open and keeping my head from slamming on my desk. im trying to work on finding tricks to stay awake! mi espanol esta mejorando. it was tough at the beginning but i am getting better! i feel elike i wont actually pick it up for real until i actually get out into the field! 

but for all of you that have written me, it has meant the world. especially for the dearelders! those are so nice to get because i can get them any day! if you can get on and use dearelder is you are at home then use that. and if you get this email through somebody else then you should reply to me so i can have your email. and include your email on the dearelder so i know who to reply to.(if i have time) if i dont reply then dont think that any letter was unappreciated! because i love to here from people even if it is something dumb like you telling me how your day went! 

but just everyone know that i miss all of you and i am having a fantastic time! i look forward to hearing from everyone!!

-Elder Rawdogg (my nickname, because apparently im pretty thuggish) 

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