Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy Halloween/Spider-man to the rescue!!! (Week of Nov. 3, 2014)

Happy Halloween!!!

Ecuador bowling doesn't look much different

Nothing unusual going on here...

A member sent me this picture a few weeks ago because they all think he looks like Spider-man.  It must be cause he's tall I'm thinking!!
I'm guessing a little Spider-man role playing won't hurt...Not sure where the shirt came from!!!

Hola people,
Mission is great, got 2 main stories from this week.. Start off with the Funny (but not really) story. 
So last night we had transfers and i finished my training too so we were expecting a call last night.  Well at about 12 last night while I was in the sweetest, deepest sleep I have experienced my whole mission, we got a call from the district leader and he told Elder Cook that I was getting transferred and had to report to Guayaquil at 8 in the morning!  I could not believe it because I had no expectations whatsoever that i was getting transferred.  So I began to get my bags all ready for the departing in the morning.  Thoughts were running through my mind and I was sad because of some investigators that we have and i have high hopes for them and wanted to see their conversions.  I was thinking a lot and began to alter my thoughts to ones like, God knows best and if there are other people elsewhere that i need to meet and things I need to learn.  Then about 20 minutes later after much confusion, sadness, and anxiety I received another call from Elder George, my DL, and he asked if i was packing. I told him I was, And he said the coldest words I have ever heard.... ¨"Just kidding, It was a joke you aren´t getting transferred" I threw the phone and hopped on the bed to continue my lovely sleep.  Still a little bitter but whatevs, I´ll get him back later.

Then  something pretty cool happened on Saturday.  Me and Elder Cook were waiting to go to a members house for a little family home evening thing and we had a little bit of time, so we decided to run by an investigator´s house named veronica.  Shes a single mom raising for daughters.  She paints and that's her only income of money.  We got to her house and it was completely dark, but we heard voices inside so we knocked.  After a little wait, she came to the door.  We had small talk and asked her how everything was going.  She said, "bien... eh no bien, mas o menos" we asked her what was wrong and she just said she was having a hard time.  We asked her if we could share a short thought and she invited us in, it was completely dark except for two candles that they used to get around because they had shut off her lights for not paying.  I shared one of my favorite scriptures, Isaiah 41:10, and Elder Cook shared DC 121:7. We both talked about how these scriptures have helped us and how every trial God allows to happen to us is only for our good and benefit.  It requires us to reach out to him so he can bless us and increase our faith and testimonies.  I looked over to her threw the dim light that we had and saw the sparkles from the tears running down her face.  She thanked us a ton and how we said exactly what she needed to hear.  There´s nothing better that a missionary can hear than those words.  She came to church and listened to the testimonies from the members yesterday and there were some powerful ones that almost brought tears to my eyes.  I looked over at Veronica during it a few times and noticed she was getting teary eyed during the testimonies.  Nothing better than seeing the spirit work in people. 

We also had all 4 recent converts that were there bear their testimonies which was amazing as well!  I love this church and the incredible things that it can do in people´s lives!

Love you all so much!  Missions are great!
Elder Rawson

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