Monday, November 17, 2014

NOV. 17 2014 Que pasa mis amigos!

Que pasa mis amigos!

 So please forgive me if I don´t write very well, I´m having a hard time concentrating because some kid with headphones on won´t stop singing, and singing terribly! But an awesome week, nothing too crazy or funny happened this week, but it was very spiritual so that is better anyway!:) So I have come to realize that I have been blessed with an awesome companion who has a huge desire to serve the lord and use his time that he has been giving doing what the Lord wants. This week I heard stories and have been opened up to what far too many missionaries are truly like. I know there are lazy missionaries and ones that came on missions without a true desire to serve. But I have been seeing and hearing things of other missionaries who are constantly not taking the mission as serious as it should be and not honoring their calling as representatives of Jesus Christ. Before I say more I have to say that I am far from perfect and have MANY things I need to improve on. But I have been pretty irritated seeing other missionaries completely forgetting about the sacredness of their calling. I don´t even like to know about the things that go on behind the scenes and then having them go out to represent my savior.  I can´t help but to think what He thinks of that as well. But as for me, I will continue to acknowledge my own weaknesses and do my best to improve because I sure know I am not exempt from this as well.

On another note, I am soo grateful that the Lord as allowed my to participate in the work at this time in the ward of panorama. We have been working well with the members and the blessings have come. We´ve been teaching 2 main families that I have felt especially blessed to watch grow. Javier Calderon and his family and Veronica and her girls. We had the baptism on Saturday and at the beginning only Veronica came without Blanca her daughter! She told us that her daughter didn´t want to be baptized. So Elder Cook and George went to go pick her up. When she came she was still unsure so the bishop told her to go in a room and pray about baptism and if she should. while she prayed, us 4 elders went a seperate room and knelt in prayer for her to receive an answer. When she came out she had tears in her eyes and the biggest smile I had ever seen on her face. I felt the spirit very strong and knew she had felt the spirit telling her it was the right thing to do. After the baptism they had us elders bear our testimonies and the spirit was so stong. I got a little choked and I looked at the members and about half of them were crying so ya, I couldn´t help it. But oh well, it was an amazing experience and I am truly blessed to be out here serving the mission. 

Love you all tons! Wish I could tell you all the cool experiences that I am having but that would take forever! 

With <3,
Elder Rawson :)

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