Monday, November 17, 2014

NOV. 10 2014 AWESOME WEEK!!!

Nov 10, 2014


Awesome week, full of the spirit and all that good stuff:) Yesterday at church they did the primary program and it was awesome! just like back in the good ole salt lake! The kids here are my favorite. They are hilarious and constantly make me laugh. Next week we are baptizing Veronica and her daughter. It has been amazing being a part of their conversion process and being able to watch their testimonies grow.
 We have had an investigator named Javier Calderon that we have been teaching. A very nice guy, lives with his "wife" (not married) but they have two little twin 7 year old girls and his "wife" has a 17 and a 16 year old (both girls). She is also a Mormon but inactive for many years but excited to get back involved with the church. But usually when we would teach them, Javier just asks a ton of questions but would never give us 2 seconds to answer. yesterday after church the bishop and his wife came over with us for a lesson and explained everything soo well and now Javier really wants to get involved with the church! So They´ll hopefully be getting married and then baptized soon!

 Way awkward moment this week. We were walking and Elder Cook told me to go knock on a door because he thought a family lived there. So we go up and I knock on the door. I was expecting a "¿quien?" (like, who is it?) And we would have said, Los Elders or something. But instead the person opened the door wide open with full confidence. It was a teenage girl with basically no clothing on, just undies!  I had honestly no idea what I was supposed to say! I don´t know why but the words, "¿Usted estaba esperando a alguien?" (Were you expecting somebody?) left my mouth!! It was super awkward and Elder Cook  come in and saved me! But the part that really got me was because she was actually really pretty! ..Bad news! We told her we would come back later when her parents were there, but we haven't seen them again. Elder Cook told me I had the weirdest look on my face when it happened. I hope I´m not that awkward with girls already with only 4 months in the mission, Or I´m going to have troubles dating when I get back!

 But yeah. Love you all. Keep up the good work.
 Elder Raws



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